Adam's Amazing Parties' Terms and Conditions

  1. In general the host/hostess supplies a suitable area in which the Entertainer can work such as a place set aside or a corner where he can properly conduct his services on a one to one basis with each child. It should be an area of concentration as paints must be kept away from children’s eyes.
  2. Face painting with stencils would require a table , two chairs (if no table then 3 chairs), and access to water.
  3. The Entertainer will try to administer to as many young persons as possible in the time permitting.
  4. The Entertainer will provide paints, sponges and stencils for face painting together with balloons and appropriate pumps for balloon modelling.
  5. The Entertainer’s responsibility is to provide, solely, face painting, balloon modelling, magic (if children are 4+ years old) at parties and events, and not games, music, or a mic.
  6. Children have a choice of stencil face painting to for their cheeks, hands or arms.
  7. Health & Safety:

    1. The Entertainer has been CRB checked and can provide copies for inspection if notified in advance.
    2. The host/hostess is responsible of making sure that a responsible adult i.e. parent or guardian is present to supervise all the children at all times as only one child can be face painted at a time.
  8. Cancellation

    The host/hostess needs to give at least one week’s notice of any cancellation.
  9. If for unforeseen circumstances the Entertainer has to cancel an engagement then he will do his best to find a suitable replacement, in which case, the new entertainer’s details will be submitted to the host/hostess for consideration and agreement.
  10. In raining or windy conditions without shelter, The Entertainer cannot work for health and safety reasons, unless shelter is provided, payment will still be due for the time spent at venue.
  11. Payment

    Payment is made on the day of the event in cash (cheque/BACS accepted from Organisations, Schools, companies) or via BACS or cheque if cheque is sent and is cleared 2 weeks before the event, but this method must be agreed with The Entertainer in writing.
  12. The Entertainer doesn’t use a mic or organise games.
  13. Any queries with the entertainer must be raised before the end of the event.

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